Becoming a Freelance Model

Being a freelance model means you are representing yourself and you’re fully responsible for finding and booking yourself your own work. Freelance modeling gigs tend to pay a bit less than fashion commercial jobs, however one advantage is being able to secure your own work, not having to divide your earning with an agency, which potentially could mean, more money for you. Being a freelance model means you don’t need an agents support, so you’re responsible for marketing yourself to potential clients, rather to modeling agencies. While otherwise when you’re with an agency, it involves creating a portfolio of photos then showing them around until an agent decides you’re worth signing. When choosing freelance, you have to hold a lot of responsibility. You’re running your own business. Therefor, you’re creating your own personal brand. Branding’s important because it keeps you current in your chosen field, opens doors for you, as well as creates a significant and lasting impression on clients. A successful brand self-promotes, stimulates a unique experience, breathes loyalty, and most importantly offers consistency in the quality of the service it offers. Make sure you keep accurate track of your income and expenses, and report them on your tax return. Even when choosing to stay freelance, doesn’t mean you won’t and don’t work for professional people or companies - like signed models get the privilege of. It just means it’s up to you weather you get an opportunity similar to gigs that the “professional’s” receive. Contact make-up artists, ad agencies, stylists, and photographers you'd like to collaborate with, and make sure to do the same for any companies or brands you'd like to model for. You must always refer a link back to your portfolio. Or even better, your website; your Instagram at the very least. It’s smartest to create your own website, as it makes you look the most professional and can benefit you in every shape and form, when building your own personal brand. A piece I believe sums modeling up the best, is written by J-Ryze,